Talking Tapestry Thursday 26th October 7pm

The Wynd Gallery, Letchworth, 

From flying carpets to fishing line and everything in-between!

I am hosting one of my tapestry talks during my exhibition Quietly Connected at The Wynd Gallery. I’ll be taking you through my journey into tapestry weaving and a delve into the inspirations and techniques behind my work. During the talk I will share images and samples, along with some of the woven pieces used to create my photographed images.

Spaces for the talk are limited, tickets are £5 booked in advance through my website shop or come and see me while I’m in the gallery.

Top image – Disapperance (80%) woven tapestry 

Below image – the Wynd Gallery with Lucy’s woven pieces, Embrace, Daisy Chain, Eclispe, Fragment Paper and Fragment Lagoon.