We were delighted with Lucy’s work, she was so calm, organised, well prepared and flexible - she was a delight to work with and we hope we will be able to work with her again in the future. She worked incredibly hard to get through 11 banners in 3 days and adapted the printing to meet the age group of the children. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any school and they would be lucky to have such a talented and creative person working alongside them.

Margaret Stocks Teacher, St Dominic Catholic Primary School

Lucy has been a visiting artist in our school for over a decade. She is an inspiration to the children and is also willing to share ideas with staff that might be used in school linking to their topics. Lucy is friendly and approachable. She is versatile when in the classroom situation and is able to communicate well with younger children, enabling them to access and explore creative ideas in ways that encourage and enthuse. As staff we particularly appreciate that she will be organised with resources and discuss what she expects us to provide well in advance.

Mrs Sheena Cook Teacher and Art Co-Ordinator, Northfield Infants

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful prints. The children loved working with you and the end result is fantastic.

Mrs Keech Teacher and Inclusion Coordinator, The Grange

Lucy designed a very interesting workshop using processes not offered at Park High so it was a unique opportunity. It was obvious throughout the day how much engagement and enjoyment was taking place. I am confident it will help inspire students in their future art work and selection of G,C,S,E Art.

Leyla Emin Curriculum leader Art & Design, Park High

Thank you so much for your contribution to our Arts week festival, we really enjoyed your workshops.

From all your friends at Paddock School

Thank you Lucy for helping us during art week.

Class A, Class E & EYC at RNIB Sunshine House School

LCADT are extremely pleased with this set of workshops. Liaison with the artist was trouble free, Lucy is very creative, challenges the children, is reliable and conscientious, and developed excellent relationships with the pupils and staff. The co-ordinating Year 5 teacher commented that “Lucy was excellent”. The school also mentioned that attendance levels were better than normal on “art days”. The art work produced is beautiful. Just to say how impressed I was by the finished work at Ferrars Junior, Year 5 have enjoyed working with you.

Jo Piggott, SRB Project Co-Ordinator, Luton Carnival Arts Development Trust

I would like to take this opportunity to say, on behalf of all the pupils and staff of Colnbrook a big thank you to Lucy, the workshops provided really good experiences for the pupils and produced some remarkable results.

Richard Hill Headteacher, Colnbrook School

All our pupils have statements of Special Educational Needs and have complex learning difficulties and individual needs. Lucy related excellently to all pupils and certainly encouraged confidence in their abilities to make decisions and to be creative.

Activities were planned at just the right level for pupils to fully take part and I certainly learnt a lot about the use of sketch books and how to talk to pupils about their work by working alongside Lucy, which I have continued in my own teaching. The pupils all enjoyed and benefited from Lucy’s sessions.

Ann Hill Teacher, Woolgrove School