How Sustainable am I?

In December 2022 Jo at Sust. Consulting ran a series of articles highlighting sustainable businesses in and around Letchworth Garden City. I was delighted to be featured and thought I would share Jo’s article here as other people can me into words better than I can!

Lucy is a woven tapestry artist, exploring ideas of light play and her love of the natural environment and habitats around her.

She creates her art with old fishing line and good quality reclaimed and second-hand fibres. Once woven, Lucy often takes photographs of her work, capturing moments of light play, using the images for prints and cards. Lucy also runs weaving workshops, where she uses British wools and recycled yarns wherever possible.

Sustainability is really important to Lucy: from a young age, she had an understanding of the importance of balance and impact of our behaviour on the planet.

To ensure her work is as sustainable as possible, in addition to reclaiming the items she uses in her art, she researches her suppliers to ensure they also share her sustainability values. Her greeting card printers are from Letchworth, keeping milage and packaging down, and also supporting other local businesses (Howard Digital). Her larger printers are carbon neutral and use sustainable papers (d Studio uk)

The other link to sustainability is through her art and courses themselves – by owning some of Lucy’s work, or attending a course, you’re practising mindfulness and conscious awareness of the challenges facing our planet. As lucy says: we are all connected, so taking a moment to reflect on this is really important.

During 2023, Lucy is hoping to develop her ‘weave with waste’ workshops further so participants can explore how to create their own work with second-hand fibres.

Jo – Sust. Consulting

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