The Wynd Gallery is taking part in Letchworth’s Green festival on the 11th September, with window displays of work high lighting artists working with the natural world and recycling.

My woven tapestries and art are mainly created with repurposed and second-hand fibres. I bring light play into most of my work and monofilament fishing line is a perfect fibre to use. Donated to me, I will often detangle and clean line fishing line before use and incorporate this with more natural fibre such as cotton and linen that are passed on to me. All fishing line that cannot be used I send to an angling recycling scheme.

I was brought up understanding the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, so it is second nature to me. To take this thinking into my art practice was a natural process. My aim is to create wonderful weavings from waste while keeping my carbon footprint as low as possible. All my greeting cards are printed locally in Letchworth and my art prints are 100% carbon neutral produced by a carbon neutral company in Essex.

You can read more about my use of repurposing fishing line in my blog post Weaving with waste!

Letchworth Green Festival will take place in the Wynd and the Arcade, along with talks throughout the day at The Broadway Gallery cafe.