I will be talking, tapestry, workshops, my love of wildlife and my garden on Radio Decorum on September the 1st just before 8pm and finishing at 9pm.

I was contacted by Leslie Tate at the beginning of 2020 about being interviewed, then everything was put on hold, so I was delighted to be contacted again a couple of months ago to rearrange the interview. It was recorded in July on a Zoom call. Leslie was great at easing me into the chat and relaxing my nerves, letting me know not to worry about what I might forget to say or what I might say and instantly think, “What did I say that for?” as it is totally normal. And I did both, but my head only went totally blank once, however I did think, what did I say that for a few times.

Leslie’s show starts at 7pm, when you can hear Miriam Rai on her narrowboat talking about gardening at Apsley Lock, foodbanks and canal life.

To listen to Radio Decorum please follow the link https://www.radiodacorum.org.uk/