I’m taking part in Letchworth’s Green Festival, only this year I’m getting more involved.

The Green Festival takes place this coming Saturday – 10th September, with stalls in the Arcade and Wynd offering a range of activities to enjoy while learning more about sustainable living.

I was delighted to be asked to take part and show my tapestries and greener side! You will find me in the Wynd next to the Wynd Gallery, where I will have my loom to demonstrate my tapestry weaving and how I weave with waste yarns. From old fishing line to embroidery threads and old silk scarves. I’ll also have a selection of work for you to view, and my Rudbeckia tapestries are available from the Wynd Gallery in the current show. 

If you have ever fancied trying tapestry weaving come and chat with me, I have a new course at The Letchworth Settlement starting next week and a new date for my Weaving with Waste workshop at The Wynd Gallery next month.

You can also find information on my workshops and courses by clicking HERE