Family Weaving Workshop

If you are interested in me running this workshop for you please get in touch.


Join me on a family weaving workshop to create your own decorative flower that once finished will create beautiful floral wall or window art, or you could hang it above your bed and watch it sparkle.

You decide what colours and how much sparkle your flower will have, choosing from a range of wools, yarns, and add beads. There are two designs for you to choose from, dependent on age, ability or which you prefer to weave. 

A workshop aimed at ages 6-12yrs and their adult, you will work together to create your own woven flower hanging to take home and display.

 All materials and equipment needed during the workshop are provided within the ticket price.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. An adult may accompany more than one child, however the idea is you work together to create the finished weaving so more than two children per adult might be a little tricky! 

Ages are only suggested, creativity has no age boundaries. If you think the workshop is suitable I am happy for any age to attend so long as an adult accompanies the child.