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This site doesn't need to cookie you at all - we don't use cookies or trackers.

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This site is linke to my Etsy shop via the "Shop" button in the menus. My Etsy shop is hosted at Etsy and is completely separate from this website. Etsy does use Cookies and you can view their policy on the Etsy site together with their own Cookie consent system.


If you choose to contact me by email, copies of your email message together with all the data it contains will be stored on various mail servers on it's way to my email inbox.

Your Right-To-Be-Forgotten

I will delete all eligible records of data or information relating to you on your request - you will need to prove your identity and right to request the data be destroyed. Data searches and record deletions may incur a small admin fee.

I am required by UK business law to retain records of our business transactions and these are exempt from your right-to-be-forgotten.